Justin Bieber Wipes Out In His Ferrari


We imagine it’s a scary sight to see Justin Bieber behind the wheel. To be honest, we find ourselves wondering if he can even see over the dashboard. But the thought of Biebs manning a $100,000,  five-hundred horsepower muscle car sounds downright terrifying. And as it turns out, it is. God was not smiling on the Canadian messiah yesterday as he crashed his Ferrari into another driver on a street in the San Fernando Valley. But luckily for all concerned it was nothing more than a mere fender bender, and everyone walked away unharmed.

“No one was injured, and there was no damage to either vehicle,” a rep from the LAPD told TMZ. In fact, it was apparently so minor that no one bothered to file a report. Perhaps it was just karma’s way of trying to restore balance to the universe. You’re seventeen years old, Justin. You can either drive a Ferrari or date Selena Gomez…but you can’t do both! That’s too much awesomeness for one teen to handle. Maybe a street machine that can do zero-to-sixty in four seconds isn’t the best first car. Try a Camry or something. We care, Beibs. Be careful out there.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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