Chris Brown Wants To Reward And Thank His Rolex-Returning Fan


Hah. He probably heard what we — and countless other people — were saying about him yesterday. Chris Brown, you’re learning! He totally got lucky at the VMA’s when a fan returned his lost $22,000 Rolex to Chris‘ bodyguard. That thing was dripping in diamonds, y’all, and he almost never saw it again because of mistakenly throwing it into the crowd after it came loose. The point is, the fan’s honesty was something so heartening that we felt Chris should’ve gone and met her (it’s a her, we found out today) to thank her for taking care of it, instead of asking his rep to churn out a statement.

We’re happy that he wants to do the right thing now! Chris wants to thank the fan personally now and — this is so cool — give her tickets and backstage passes for his new tour! That’s awesome! The problem is that his bodyguard didn’t get the name of the fan and they’re all hoping she contacts them. So if you’re reading this, super fan, get in touch asap! One good deed really deserves another, eh?

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