Meet Irene Hope, A Hurricane Baby Lamb Miracle


While you were busy lazily taping your windows up and knocking people down for that final can of Bush’s Baked Beans, a miracle was happening. A sheep named Truffles gave birth to a black baby lamb at the Central Park Zoo moments before the storm was set to hit. Zookeepers were shocked to see this little bleating 8 lb. animal baby, as sheep usually give birth in the spring. (Looks like Truffles had a very busy April and by busy we mean sexual.) The keepers of the zoo scrambled to build Truffles and her newborn a makeshift shelter before Irene made landfall, and went ahead and named this lamb Irene Hope.


AGHHHH. I want to get two of her and wear them on my feet like Reebok Slide Showercaps. My womb looks like the bag in American Beauty right now.

Seriously though…

Here is the Glamour Shot with mother Truffles…

Why are baby lambs so overlooked in our society? THEY ARE CLEARLY THE BEST ANIMAL. I’m like almost a little mad that I don’t see new photos of miracle baby lambs on the daily…

Photos via NY Daily News and CBS

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