Emma Watson Is In Yr Bookstore, Seducing Yr Shopkeep For Lancome


The new Emma Watson’s Lancome commercial has a whole lot of interwoven messages we’re still trying to decode. Are we supposed to think that, if we buy Trésor‬ Midnight rose perfume, suddenly we’ll be able to pull off a fedora and pixie cut while magically seducing bookworms? Or will shy bookstore clerks see this ad and frantically start spritzing the air with it, in the hopes that their own tie-wearing gamine A-list actress will stop by, forcing them to sprint down the river to catch the last light-up gazebo barge as it leaves town? Also, and we could be wrong here, but…Emma’s fedora is made of magic, right? It is, isn’t it? Well-played, Lancome. Well-played.

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