Heather Morris Gets A Black Eye For Tyler Shields


Tyler Shields has photographed Heather Morris with a big ol’ black eye in a series of shots. We’re not shocked by the violent imagery because everything we’ve seen so far of Tyler’s work has a dark, macabre twist to it. His reasoning for this shoot is, “Even Barbie bruises. We have been talking about shooting for a long time and we finally made it happen! Some magic, irons, and bruises later it was complete…”

Unfortunately, Glee fans aren’t too happy with the violent underpinnings. Comments range from, “So wait… we’re glamorizing bruises/abuse now?” to “Why do you keep producing photos glamorizing violence against women? There is absolutely nothing new or revelatory about pics like this…They no longer shock, and they never enlightened. They just perpetuate images of battered women.” To be fair, others do see the darkly comic slant behind the images that range from tying Heather up to her ironing a hapless “Ken’s” crotch! What’s your take on the shots?

[Photo via Tyler Shields]

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