Coolio, It Seems, Is Now A Zombie


Did you have a great Labor Day weekend? Did you surf? Drink? Eat? Sunbathe? Was it amazing? Yes, I’m sure. I’m sure it was THE BEST.

Although, too bad you weren’t in Florida, though (unless you were in Florida, of course). At some point this weekend, Clearwater turned into Paradise — Ganstga’s Paradise, in fact — when oft-forgotten Coolio put on a show at Shephard’s Beach Resort’s Old Skool Labor Day Weekend. And, boy oh boy, did Coolio put on a show.

And by “put on a show,” we mean “terrify the crowd into thinking they were about to be eaten alive, one by one, by a zombie who looked a tad like the guy who made some awesome gangsta rap songs about Michelle Pfeiffer fifteen years ago, because YIKES WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO COOLIO AND IS HE A ZOMBIE NOW???”

You can see video of Dawn Of The Dead Coolio performing here.

[via Splash News Online]

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