Join The “Justin Timberlake Needs To Make Music Again” Movement


It’s official: Justin Timberlake is a c*cktease.

Last week, he gave two surprise performances at both his NYC restaurant, Southern Hospitality, and then Irving Plaza the following evening (to support FreeSol, an artist under his personal record label).

Fans have been waiting, foam fully formed at the corners of their mouths, for JT to release something new, something that isn’t a romantic comedy with Mila Kunis or another stint hosting SNL. Don’t get us wrong: we’ll take the guy in any capacity (okay, maybe not in the rom-com), but it’s high time he release a new album. And we — the adoring public — have a voice that needs to be heard.

These guys* know what we’re talking about:



*Yes, that is former BWE editor Sara Schaefer!

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