Rashida Jones And Jake Gyllenhaal Might Be Dating Because, Duh, Look At Them!!!


Jake Gyllenhaal and Rashida Jones were spotted spending Sunday afternoon out for lunch together in Los Angeles as Jake’s dog, Atticus*, patiently waited outside. Reportedly, they were having a lot of fun with each other, probably because both of them were like, “Hey, you know who’s gorgeous? You! And you know who else is gorgeous? Me! And you know how you’re kind of unassuming about how hot you are, without making it a big deal and, therefore, only making you even more attractive to the adoring public? THAT’S HOW I AM, TOO! Not even lying! So, let’s just have perfect sex and get it over with, right?”

And then that’s probably what happened. Perfect, beautiful sex between two perfect, beautiful people.

*Very awesome dog name, Jake Gyllenhaal.

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