Honestly, What The Hell Happened To Ali Lohan’s Face?


Lindsay Lohan‘s little sister, Ali, is now a model! At seventeen, she’s already CONQUERED THE WORLD, as both a Christmas caroler and also as the younger sister of one of Hollywood’s most self-destructive child stars in history. But, yes, the time has come for the young beauty to make it in the world of high fashion with her stunning…good…lo-




Okay, well, our friends at The Fab Life contend that this is, indeed, what Ali Lohan looked like yesterday. Yesterday in Beverly Hills, California. USA. North America. Earth.

Maybe now that she’s a model, Ali has decided to exchange being cute with, like, paying tribute to Michael Jackson by …becoming him?

Parents, hold your kids a little closer tonight. And, also, never, ever let them get their faces severely surgically altered before they’re allowed to vote.

Side-by-side comparison after the jump.

[via The Fab Life]

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