Gus From Breaking Bad Was Adorable In Do The Right Thing


In the midst of yet another phenomenal Breaking Bad season, our internet-stuff colleague Jeff Rubin took a second to randomly point out this mind-blowing tidbit of movie trivia.

Long before he was everyone’s favorite coolly psychotic chicken franchiser Gustavo Fring on Breaking Bad, Giancarlo Esposito played the character Buggin Out in 1989’s Do The Right Thing:

Here’s a video of Buggin Out defending his Air Jordans to jog your memory – you might notice that it’s a very, very sliiiiiiiightly different character than Gus.

In retrospect I did sort of know this, though I always felt that the scene where Buggin Out randomly slits Ossie Davis’ throat and bleeds him to death then Martin Lawrence yells “you are not doing the right thing!!!!” was exceptionally out of place. Otherwise that movie holds up really well.

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