Chris Brown Gets Dozens Upon Dozens Of Parking Tickets Dismissed


According to TMZ, 95 of Chris Brown’s parking tickets have been dismissed, or approximately the number of parking tickets a normal person would rack up before being thrown in a holding cell. Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos explained that the “Beautiful People” singer originally owed $15,000 in unpaid parking citations before most were removed from his record. The fact that we would be living in our cars if we owed the government that much money has not escaped us.

According to Geragos, Chris was given most of the tickets for parking in “what appeared to be handicapped spaces” at his L.A. condo lot, which later proved to be perfectly legal spots available for Brown’s use. That being said, “22 citations remain open” of the 117 original tickets he racked up, which means Chris still hasn’t paid them. Celebrities! They’re just like us. Us being all the terrible parkers world-wide.

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