New Breaking Dawn Posters Are Extremely Sexy, Filled With Wolves


Entertainment Weekly has the latest Breaking Dawn Part 1 posters and we are happy to report that they are just hot, and wolf-filled, enough to make us temporally stop dry heaving over that upcoming Breaking Dawn birth scene. We don’t want to see an alien-looking Kristen Stewart giving birth to a monster slime baby via fang C-section! We don’t wanna! Well, okay, we do wanna see that and we will see that, but before then we need a heavy dose of sexiness to balance it all out. Luckily these posters represent the the Twilight Saga we know and love it: smoldering with almost kisses, glowing with sunsets, and watched over by a pack of ravenous badass wolves, who just happen to be chillin’ in the forest.

[Photo: EW]

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