Lindsay Lohan Mistaken For Donatella Versace At Fashion Show


Ooof. Well this is awkward. Lindsay Lohan caused quite a stir when she arrived at Cythia Rowley’s New York fashion show on Friday night. But unlike Nicki Minaj, it wasn’t because of what she was wearing. Hell, it wasn’t even because she was Lindsay Lohan. Apparently it’s because people thought she was 55-year old fashionita and plastic surgery victim enthusiast Donatella Versace. Oooh, that’s gotta sting. According the New York Magazine, Lindsay staged her big entrance right as the lights went low and the show was about to begin. And with her newly platinum locks, suspiciously plump lips, orange-hued skin, inappropriately tiny shorts and equally inappropriately huge sunglasses, the 25-year old starlet was a dead ringer for the elder Versace.

“Then, the entire room full of journalists sat ramrod straight and let out excited, disbelieving, four-letter expletives as we all realized this was actually Lindsay Freaking Lohan,” reports The Fug Girls. “The take-home here for Lindsay should be that we all initially mistook her for somebody much crispier who is thirty years her senior.” The photo you see above was taken back in 2009, so we shudder to think how the two look side by side right now. Between this and reports that little sister Ali has undergone plastic surgery, it has not been a good week to be a Lohan face! Is it in the genes to age weirdly? Or is it in the genes to make bad decisions?

Check out pix from that fateful night in the gallery below!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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