Ryan Gosling Brings His Mom To The Ides Of March Premiere, Makes Us Look Bad


OK, listen up Ryan Gosling. We speak for the dudes of the world when we say, stop making us look bad! It’s bad enough that our girlfriends are constantly disappointed that we don’t kiss like that stupid scene in The Notebook (and we’ve hurt our back trying). But lately you’ve been running around stopping fights and earthquakes, and taking your hot costars on wholesome dates to Disneyland. It’s all too much! And now you’ve brought your mom as your date to the Ides Of March premiere at the  Toronto Film Festival!? How the hell are we gonna compete with that!? It’s gonna make that cardigan we got our moms for Christmas look like a worthless piece of felt. Congrats, Donna Gosling. You have the best son in the world. There, we said it. You happy, Gosling!? Check out more adorability in the gallery below.


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