Johnny Depp On The Set Of His New Movie, Michael Jackson Twilight


Here’s Johnny Depp on the set of the upcoming Tim Burton movie, “Dark Shadows,” in which he plays — and these reports are unconfirmed!!! — Michael Jackson in an alternate universe where he lived longer and landed Robert Pattinson’s role in Twilight:

Frankly, I wouldn’t have expected such a macabre, semi-goth sort of motif for a Tim Burton / Johnny Depp collaboration called “Dark Shadows.” I actually thought the movie have a bunch of bright, smiling, happ[EXPLOSION]

Dang, our blog’s Sarcasmometer just blew. Just frickin’ fixed that thing after the Entourage finale! While we work on it, here’s three more stills of the Deppster in Dark Shadows (click for full size):

(Pics via Splash News)

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