Keira Knightley Talks A Dangerous Method Spanking Scenes, Taking Shots


When the shoot date for Keira Knightley’s spanking scenes in her upcoming film A Dangerous Method arrived, the Atonement star did what any reasonable person would have done: she started pounding back shots. While talking with The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto International Film Festival, Knightley admits, “[I did] a couple of shots of vodka — definitely — beforehand, and then a couple of glasses of champagne as a celebration of never having to do that again!” Well, at least until she films the sequel A Dangerous Method 2: Freudian Boogaloo.

Keira originally planned to turned down the role of patient Sabine Spielrein after reading the script, leery of the scenes turning up on YouTube (which they definitely will). After talking with director David Cronenberg, however, Keira eventually came around. “There was a box which he hit, so he was nowhere near me, thank God!,” Keira laughs, explaining how she shot the scenes with costar Michael Fassbender. “I did actually say to Michael before one of the scenes — I was like, ‘I’ve got a security guard outside. You touch me and he’s gonna break your legs!’ And he was like, ‘Keira, you’re tied to a bed. You’re not really in a position to say that.’ I said, ‘I guess you’re right.'” Oh wow, we’re going to need some shots after reading that. Good thing we always have some poured and ready next to our laptops!

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