The New Breaking Dawn Trailer Is HERE!


You guys, we apologize in advance for this, because we’ve now turned into 10 year olds. The Breaking Dawn teaser has NOTHING on the new official Breaking Dawn trailer which we’ve already watched ten times by now. Where do we even start? The wedding scene? The honeymoon scene where Robward (Robert Pattinson meets Edward Cullen, natch) sweeps Krisabella (Kristen Stewart plus Isabella Swan) in his arms and they indulge in some headboard breaking? Where he tells her their somethin’-somethin’ “…was this best night of my existence”.

We ached for Jacob when he dances with Bella and says goodbye to her and when he later, fights for her when the wolf pack comes to tear her apart (“If you kill her, you kill me”, swoon) because Sam doesn’t know “… what they’ve bred”. Enough typing — we’re going to watch it again!

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