Nicolas Cage Chased A Naked Popsicle-Wielding Intruder Out Of His Home


Nicolas Cage brought his own special experience to his role in the upcoming film, Trespass. The Oscar-winner has been a personal victim of a intruder to his Orange County home. “I have lived through the nightmare, I have been one of those people who has been through a home invasion,” he told a Trespass press panel at the Toronto Film Festival. Although it sounds more like a really bizarre dream than a nightmare. “I was asleep with my wife, my two-year-old at the time was in another room,” he explained. “And I opened my eyes and there was a naked man in my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed.”

Considering this is the man who did shrooms with his cat, we have a feeling that Nic has woken up to worse. “It sounds funny, but it was horrifying,” he continued. “He ran into my bathroom, and I said, ‘What are you doing in my house? Get out of my house!'” What else can you say to a naked stranger eating a Fudgesicle in your bathroom? He eventually persuaded the man to leave, and police soon arrived to take the man to a mental health facility. “I didn’t press charges because I realised he wasn’t all there.” Despite the threat to his family, the ever-zen Cage didn’t go all action star on the dude. “The cops said to me, if he had broken into any other house in this neighborhood he’d have been shot…but I’m always going to try and talk you out of violence if I can.” Let it be known that Nicolas Cage is a man of peace, Fudgesicles, and the best stories in Hollywood.

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