How Terrible Is Pat Robertson? Oh, He Just Suggests We Divorce Alzheimer’s Patients


Have you heard the phrase “in sickness and in health”? It’s something that people sometimes say during wedding vows, in which each partner pledges lifelong allegiance to his or her spouse, announcing that their lives will forever be intertwined with love, support, and understanding.

Professional religious zealot and doomsayer Pat Robertson thinks wedding vows are important, too. Unless someone develops Alzheimer’s Disease. In that case, when tragedy strikes and a husband or wife is robbed of mental well-being, Pat Robertson says it’s probably worth filing for divorce. No, seriously, HE SAID THAT. ON TV.

I know it sounds cruel, but if [the husband] going to do something, he should divorce [his wife] and start all over again, but make sure she has custodial care and somebody looking after her.

He also added:

I hate Alzheimer’s.

Well, thanks for clearing that up. We should all hate Alzhiemer’s. Good advice, and see you in hell!


[via Gawker]

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