The Whitney Posters You Haven’t Seen Yet


What is happening at NBC? Whitney Cummings — who is, by most accounts, very funny — has an autobiographical sitcom coming out called Whitney (adopting the one-named tactic not seen since the days of Thea Vidale).

Considering that Whitney is perfectly enjoyable on Comedy Central Roasts, stand-up specials, and Chelsea Lately, it’s kind of weird that the jokes being pumped into the endless barrage of advertising NBC has churned out are stale, archaic witticisms basically about how annoying women are. It’s like 1987 up in here, and Cathy is Queen.

The editors at Splitsider have done a thorough investigation (meaning a lengthy, intellectual IM conversation because, hello, welcome to the internet) about whether or not the show will be able to survive this disarmingly antiquated approach to the idea of an intelligent woman being, y’know, really f’ing obnoxious (examples include: LADIES! ALWAYS YAKKIN’ AWAY! and LADIES! ALWAYS SUSPICIOUS OF THEIR MEN! and LADIES! ALWAYS WANTING TO MAKE SEX AT THE WRONG TIME!)

With that being said, here are the Whitney posters NBC passed on (JK VH1 VISUAL GURU PETE SCHULZ MADE THEM WITH PHOTOSHOP!):

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