Matthew Fox Sued Over Party Bus Brawl


Don’t Clevelanders already have enough to deal with without B-list celebrities showing up and punching their party bus operators? Come on, people. A few weeks after the Lost actor was detained by police for the brawl, looks like Matthew Fox’s party bus fight is about to get Matthew Fox sued. Bus driver Heather Bormann has filed a lawsuit against Fox for allegedly drunkenly assaulting her after she refused to drive him from the bar where she was parked to the Cleveland Ritz-Carlton. Oh, see, Matthew must have thought she was a regular bus driver…that he was punching like a crazy person.

According to TMZ Bormann is allegedly asking for more than $25,000. For that amount of money, Matthew Fox could buy his own party bus, get drunk and punch himself. And if these allegations are true…he probably should.

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