Christina Milian Discovers Chewed Gum In Her Food, Reacts How You’d Expect


And you thought John Mayer’s throat lesion was gross! Well, it definitely was (oh, how it was!), but almost as disgusting was Christina Milian’s chewed gum incident. Note: do not read this post if you are eating. Unless you happen to be eating a big bowl of chewed-up Orbitz. TMZ reports today that the “Dip It Low” singer was eating at a Mexicali restaurant in Los Angeles last week when she discovered a wad of already been chewed gum in her steak salad. After realizing what she had stumbled upon, Milian made a “beeline for the bathroom and threw up.” Oh wait….now this story is as gross as John Mayer’s throat lesion. And it’s only Monday!

Christina Milian later called the L.A. Department of Health to investigate, explaining to TMZ, “The most important thing to me is to make sure my health is okay. Ever since the incident I have not eaten out.” We mean, this probably isn’t a problem at the vast majority of restaurants…is it? Oh no, out of the way, we’re making a beeline!

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