Doctor Booty And A Booty Nurse Talk About Bootys A Lot With A Real Housewife


In honor of National Booty Awareness Month (no relation to Talk Like A Pirate Day, despite the involvement of ‘booty’), here’s the self-proclaimed Doctor Booty appearing on a local San Diego morning show to help demonstrate booty exercises and explain booty health (with balloons!) alongside Alexis Bellino of The Real Housewives Of O.C. and his own personal “Booty Nurse.”

You might expect a five-minute local news segment featuring Dr. Booty and a Booty Nurse talking about bootys with a Real Housewife while “Baby Got Back” plays on a loop the entire time to be bizarre, and you’d be right. BUT — actually, no buts. Except “butts.” Of which there are many.

Hear the word “booty” a whole bunch of times after the jump:

Hearing the word “booty” so much, it’s hard not to lose grasp on its meaning and think of the Flight of the Conchords line “All the ladies with their babies make their babies shake their booties, yeah…” Maybe for Booty Awareness Month 2K12.

(via @freemaneric)

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