10 Things Bethenny Frankel Probably Did While Lost At Sea For 20 Hours


This weekend, former Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel, along with her husband Jason Hoppy, were stranded on a sailboat for 20 whole hours, after the captain of the ship became lost at sea.

Here are 10 things she probably did:

10. Attempt to make a Skinny Girl Margarita using only sea water and Latisse.

9. Write a spec script for her new cartoon “LungeAbs SquareJaw.”

8. Check the labels on the sails to make sure they weren’t from “Zaaaarinnnnn’s Faaaaabbbbriccccs.”

7. Plan her next Bravo reality series, Bethenny Getting Legionnaire’s Disease?

6. Scrub the poop deck. (Yacht talk for “Use the bidet.”)

5. New drink idea: Scurvy Girl Margarita.

4. Catch husband Jason Hoppy making love to the jib boom.

3. Deep-sea dive in search of the still-lost “satchels of gold.”

2. Spell “HELP” using her portable Pilates reformer machine and printed out Goop newsletters.

1. Shoot an episode of Watch What Happens Live! At Sea Edition after Andy Cohen climbs aboard in a wetsuit.