Brad Pitt Continues His Transformation Into “The Dude” At Moneyball Premiere


When we first saw these photos of Brad Pitt arriving at the premiere of Moneyball, we couldn’t shake the urge to go bowling. After a few White Russians we realized that it’s because Brad seems to be turning into our favorite cinematic slacker, Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski! The scraggly hair, the graying chin-beard, the shades, the goofy laid-back smile…Come on!  But that’s just our opinion, man. At least he traded an open bathrobe for a sleek suit. The Brad, or His Bradness, or El Braderino (if you’re into that whole brevity thing) arrived at Oakland’s Paramount Theater without his lovely lady Angelina Jolie on his arm. But he seemed happy to sign autographs and pose for pix with his co-stars Chris Pratt and (super svelte!) Jonah Hill. The Brad abides. Peep the gallery below to check it out!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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