Lars Von Trier Unapologizes For Hitler Comments


Looks like someone is letting his freak flag fly, even a lot of people would argue that his flag has a big ol’ swastika sewn on the side of it. In an interview with GQ, allegedly director Lars von Trier unapologizes for Hitler comments he made back in May at the Cannes Film Festival. Says von Trier, “To say I’m sorry for what I said is to say I’m sorry for what kind of a person I am, (and that) I’m sorry for my morals, and that would destroy me as a person. It’s not true. I’m not sorry. I am not sorry for what I said. I’m sorry that it didn’t come out more clearly.” Lars also went on to explain who was on first and how he was his own grandpa, because he is the most eloquent man on the planet Earth.

Even early this month Lars von Trier attempted to explain away the comments, but as the Melancholia director explains now, “I’m not sorry that I made a joke. But I’m sorry that I didn’t make it clear that it was a joke. But I can’t be sorry for what I said — it’s against my nature … but that’s maybe where I’m really sick in my mind. You can’t be sorry about something that’s fundamentally you. Maybe I’m a freak in that sense.” Let’s not limit yourself, Lars. There are so many other senses out there you might be a freak in.
[Photo: Getty Images]

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