Long Island Medium: Like Jersey Shore, But With A Psychic


If you, like me, were raised on Long Island, you know there are certain universal truths:

  1. The Carmela Soprano look — basically Carol Brady with frosted zebra stripes — never ages
  2. Your uncle went to Hicksville High School with Billy Joel …two years after he dropped out
  3. There is never one g*ddamn parking space at Costco
  4. You’ve been to the Boardy Barn at least once, and it was awesome or disgusting, depending on whether you still voluntarily live on Long Island

If you’re the Long Island Medium, you’re just some self-proclaimed “normal housewife” who manages to also be a psychic or something. You also play into cable TV’s weird fascination with the bridge-and-tunnel crowd (call it The Snooki Effect), but you might also tip the scale by having a fascinating skill, rather than JUST being loud and tacky. So good on you, Long Island Medium!

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