New Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trailer Looks Amazingly Creepy, Deeply Swedish


Eerie. Unsettling. Swedish. Yup, the new trailer for “the feel bad movie of Christmas” is definitely keeping our interest piqued. Less bizarre and artistic than the first sneak-peek, the new Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trailer delves deeper the plot of the upcoming David Fincher remake (aka murder, hacking, and the creepiest all-blonde family you’ll likely ever meet). The new footage also showcases more of the girl herself Rooney Mara, who we…kind of like more than the original movie’s leading lady Noomi Rapace? Rooney’s protagonist seems more like an actual badass person than your stereotypical tattooed robo-hacker (you know the kind), though can we really tell that from a handful of trailers? The point is: as long as this film has Daniel Craig, terrifying wealthy Europeans and massive explosions, which it does, then you know we’ll be seeing it opening night.

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