Beyonce Is A Hot Mama In White Feathers At Her NYC Perfume Launch


Is it us, or do recent Beyonce photos suggest Queen Bey is taking even more fashion risks now that she as a baby on board? Between New York Fashion Week and her perfume launch this week Bey is still bringing it, sartorially-speaking.We know we personally would not be wearing a strapless bra after our first trimester, no matter how fabulous we looked. In fact, you practically have to give us an epidural to get us into one now.

Luckily Beyonce doesn’t concern herself with earthly matters like sufficient underwire support, choosing instead to float through the launch of her perfume Pulse at the New York City Harold Square Macy’s in white ostrich feathers. Maybe Bey’s just trying to get in as many statement outfits as she can before she has to switch to sweatpants 24/7. Which is incidentally what we’re wearing already.

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