Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Has A Secret DUI You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know About


Despite what those Ryan Gosling bulldog photos might have suggested, it turns out that the Drive actor is probably not some kind of government cyborg designed to make American women ovulate on sight. Just when we thought we had almost figured out why! According to some unpleasantness unearthed by Star Magazine, Ryan Gosling’s DUI from 2005 had the actor pleading no contest to “exhibiting speed,” a misdemeanor charge they should really rename since it makes the crime seem way more cool than it actually is.

Gosling was allegedly sentenced to two years probation and had to pay $849, one dollar for every mile per hour he was driving. Just kidding! Ryan’s head probably would have exploded at that speed. Since Star failed to dig anything else up, we’re hoping Ryan has opted to stay sober behind the wheel ever since. Which is a good idea. Drive starring a drunk Ryan Gosling would be a very different movie. Not necessarily a bad movie, but definitely a more dangerous one.

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