Scarlett Johansson Talks Privacy Post Photo Leak


Less than two weeks after Scarlett Johansson nude photos leaked onto the internet, the actress sat down with CNN’s David McKenzie to discussed celebrity privacy. We know, but it is a thing. “Just because you’re in the spotlight or just because you’re an actor or making films or whatever doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to your own personal privacy,” Scarlett Johansson explains to him. “I think no matter what the context, if that is besieged in some way, it feels unjust. It feels wrong.”  Do any of us really want our A-listers to feel unsafe taking and keeping nude photos of themselves in their phones and computers? We know that’s not the kind of America we want to live in.

When not stopping by the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Milan, Scarlett is working as an Oxfam Ambassador to provide aid to famine-stricken parts of Africa, a strong argument for hackers not to use up her precious time tracking down leaked pictures of her boobs. “[People] say ‘How do you deal with the invasion of privacy?’ and I don’t know,” Johansson explains. “To me it’s an adjustment, and there’s certain instances I think where you give a lot of yourself, and finally you have to put your foot down and say ‘No, wait, I’m taking it back.'” You go, Scarlett! Take all the nude photos you want. Let freedom ring.


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