NO SH*T: Detroit Free Press Accidentally Prints Vulgar Headline


The United Auto Workers met with Ford yesterday to continue negotiating a new contract.

Or, as the Detroit Free Press put it:

What? We can say that in headlines now, right? They say it on It’s Always Sunny all the time, and that’s on Basic Cable. Maybe they should’ve gone with, “UAW Throws D*cktowel At Ford”? Journalism’s gotta keep our attention somehow, right?

The Uncensored Version is after the jump, because unlike some newspapers, we care about CHILDREN here at BWE (the B stands for Babies):

On the plus side, Tigers pitcher Doug Fister must feel good when “Scherzer And Fister Team Up For Victory” isn’t the most obscene headline on a front page for once.

Ed Note: As pointed out in the comments, the effect was created by the word “SHIFT” being conveniently folded, the Detroit Free Press didn’t actually print this headline. For the first time in the history of our nonsensical rainbow-colored humor site, we have said something factually untrue. My apologies!

(pic via Jalopnik)

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