Black Swan Interns File Lawsuit Against Film’s Producers


It turns out, keeping track of Natalie Portman‘s prosthetic finger skin is not the glamorous job you might have thought it was, at least according to the Black Swan interns’ lawsuit again the film’s production company. According to the plaintiffs, Fox Searchlight hired dozens of unpaid interns in order to avoid hiring actual employees. Plus, factor in all the fake-blood-soaked nail files they had to work with, add it to any time spent around Winona Ryder, and their argument starts to make a lot of sense.

“In misclassifying many of its workers as unpaid interns, Fox Searchlight has denied them the benefits that the law affords to employees,” the suit claims. According to former intern Alex Footman, his duties on the Black Swan set “included preparing coffee for the production office, ensuring that the coffee pot was full, taking and distributing lunch orders for the production staff, taking out the trash and cleaning the office.” Said Footman, “The only thing I learned on this internship was to be more picky in choosing employment opportunities.” Well, that’s not true, Alex. You learned how to make a mean pot of coffee. In fact, you might say you made that pot of coffee…perfect.

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