Full New Year’s Eve Trailer Looks Like A Bon Jovi-Slapping Good Time


Like we’re going to pretend we didn’t enjoy seeing Katherine Heigl slap Jon Bon Jovi in the full New Year’s Eve trailer. You know we’re not made of stone. While the movie is still overstuffed with celebrities from Ashton Kutcher to Zac Efron, and Michelle Pfeiffer‘s wig still looks like it crawled out of a drainage ditch behind the mop factory, it’s hard not to like a film that’s basically 90 minutes of witty banter leading up to a bunch of A-lister smooching and falling in love. Count us in! Oh, except for the part when Abigail Breslin shows off her brasserie to her horrified mother Sarah Jessica Parker for no apparent reason. What was that about? Girl child is 15!

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