Anderson Cooper Tries Coffee For The First Time, Poses With Llama


Anderson Cooper has reported from deep inside of war torn Iraq, but now it looks like he’s reporting from deep inside a Starbucks! The silver haired sex symbol of journalism recently began his day time talk show Anderson on CNN, which tends to veer from the hard-hitting style of his night time news self. A recent episode has Anderson sample coffee for the very first time. But don’t expect him to shell out for an expresso maker anytime soon, because it turns out he’s not a fan. “Really? That’s what people drink everyday? I don’t see the point in that,” he admitted after taking a sip. “It just seems so watery!” Clearly Anderson’s researchers didn’t tell him that it’s an acquired taste.

Then to further broaden his palate, the self proclaimed picky eater sampled spinach for the first time as well! This went down even worse than the coffee, as Anderson made a disgusted face and said it was “slithery” and “gross.” After taping wrapped, the news reporter than wheeled across town to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman, where he got to pose for photos with a llama. So at least the day wasn’t a total waste of time for him. It’s not skinny dipping at George Clooney’s like some veteran reporters get to do…But it’s still pretty cool.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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