Daily News: Governor Chris Christie Is Just Like Other Fat Guy!


Always churning out top-notch journalistic standards, The New York Daily News just published a piece on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whom many Republicans are hoping will suddenly dive in as the GOP’s presidential candidate for 2012.

It’s probably not going to happen, since — of all people — Christie, himself, has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to run. Despite the growing push to throw his weight (*AHEM*) into the ring, it remains unlikely, but that hasn’t deterred attention away from the guy just yet. In fact, the Daily News mocked up a photo in which Christie — who is, by all accounts, a very big man (dude makes William Howard Taft look like Leann Rimes) (JK NOT EVEN SURE WHAT THAT MEANS) — is swapped for Jackie Gleason in an iconic still from The Honeymooners.

Because, you know, fat guys all look the same? Imagine if they’d slapped a picture of President Obama on Levar Burton‘s face from the Star Trek era? Or J.J. Evans on Good Times? Basically any skinny Black guy ever? Bad idea, Daily News. It’s 2011. Fat is the new black (but not like that) (oh brother).

[New York Daily News via Blogging Via Typewriter]

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