Artist Makes Literal Head Of Cabbage


Dimitri Tsykalov is a Russian artist who likes to carve skulls out of fruits and vegetables. No big deal, especially in Russia, where many people carve skulls out of actual human skulls when there is a debt that has gone unpaid. However, Dimitri carves his sculptures using an axe, saw and electrical drill, which seems preeeeetty violent when you realize he’s carving a f**king apple.

More disturbing than what he’s carving? The fact that he’s not even that great and made it into the Daily Mail:

Like not to be a bitch, but do you guys really think this is that great??

Look at these nostril holes… they’re not even!

Sorry this seriously looks like what a creative person working in a soup kitchen would fool around with between feeding times.

(Via my #1 source for news The Daily Mail)

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