BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS: Melissa McCarthy Is Marbles Hargrove


This weekend, Melissa McCarthy made a Hidden Valley Ranch Blast Splash as the host of Saturday Night Live, where she thrusted and hoisted and tumbled and basically gave every inch of herself to the happiness of we as Americans. The consensus seems to be that she killed it. (Though, if it were up to me, Arlene’s Horse Balloon would be added to the American Television Museum’s Greatest Things Exhibit*) (*Not a real place/exhibit.)And if it were up to my Mother, Melissa McCarthy and Ricky Gervais would take a DNA test to prove that they are indeed the same person.

So where did this bundle of comedy energy come from?? Her show-stealing presence in Bridesmaids came completely out of left field — like “Wait, that’s the woman from Mike & Molly??” (Emphasis everyones.) But thanks to the magic of ~THE INTERNET~ we’ve come across a series of videos of a brand new lovable character called Marbles Hargrove, a woman stuck in her own ways about various topics, like E. Coli and Movies.

We’re a little sad Marbles didn’t make an appearance on SNL this weekend as she is a national treasure. But for those of you wondering where Melissa McCarthy came from, these videos may help provide an answer. This one’s our fave:

Ahead, Marbles covers the Oscars as well as Mel Gibson’s Apocastinko (Marbles’ words)…

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