Bethenny Frankel Hires A “Niceness” Coach


Bethenny Frankel’s no-nonsense demeanor definitely makes her the real-est of the Real Housewives of New York.  But now she’s trying to drop her trademark ‘tude, and even got a coach to help her! In an effort to make her syndicated “advice-based” talk show more sell-able, Bethenny has hired a mentor to essentially teach her to be nice. On air, at least.

The reality star recently shot the pilot for an “advice-based” show, but the reactions have been mostly negative so far. Producers think it’s her brash New York manner that rubbed test audiences the wrong way. “She came off as too aggressive,” a source told the New York Post. So now they’re calling in outside help to smooth out the tough-talking Manhattanite’s  rough edges. The coach would offer her advice like “speaking more slowly,” and “being nicer,” the source continues.

We’d definitely like to watch the de-bitchification process in action. In fact, we’d like to watch that way more than we’d like to watch her talk show. First she gets lost at sea, and now she’d a modern day My Fair Lady? Once again, Bethenny Frankel’s real life proves to be much more interesting than any reality show could ever hope to be. Maybe a network could combine these two concepts and leave her and a niceness coach stranded on a deserted island. Forever.

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