Tupac Shakur Sex Tape Uncovered


Tupac Shakur just can’t get a break lately. Even though he’s been dead for over fifteen years, he’s still making headlines in the most awkward ways possible. First there were those bizarre reports by the rapper’s former bandmates who claim to have smoked his cremated remains in a blunt. Those rumors were furiously denied by his family, but now here’s another moment (and body part) ‘Pac would probably want under wraps.

Apparently a five minute sex tape of featuring Tupuc has surfaced…and it even features an unreleased song! TMZ claims to have seen the film, and it sounds more like a submition to America’s Sleaziest Home Videos. The clip takes place at a house party in 1991, and bald-headed ‘Pac makes his grand entrance into the room shirtless with gold bling chains and his pants around his ankles. At first it seems like he’s doing his drunk Mr. T impression, but the vid quickly takes a turn as he goes over to one of the many groupies in the room. While she begins to perform oral sex on the rapper, he starts to sing and dance one of his own unreleased songs playing on the stereo! Weird, we thought he was more of a Barry White man. TMZ reports that the owner of the tape is taking steps to get it released. Can we just take the lost track, please?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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