Lindsay Lohan Pretends Not To Love The Paparazzi In Paris


Give it up, Ms Lindsay Lohan. We found these photographs of her in Paris absolutely hilarious! She’s there for Fashion Week and we don’t know how she finagled invites, the wily minx! She’s totally dressed to be photographed hanging right outside the Chanel store on the famous Rue Cambon. It’s like she’s screaming, ” PHOTOGRAPH ME DARLING PAPARAZZI!” And then she goes into the next phase of her masterplan — which she clearly thinks no one is in on. She acts like a coy starlet hiding her phase with a delicate package, from the Chanel store, natch. Which is all like, “LEAVE ME ALONE PAPARAZZI, I’M TOO FAMOUS TO BE BOTHERED!”  Is anyone buying it? No. Because photographers are her best pals and they need each other like a fondue needs cheese. C’mon Li.Lo! Don’t hurt their feelings!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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