WTF Is Sean Young Still Doing Around?


Three things occurred to us when Sean Young went to The Late Show With David Letterman yesterday.

1. Wow, Sean Young! Let’s give it up for the 80’s y’all!

2. Wow, why is Sean Young trying to dress like a campy villainess from a Bond film?

3. Will she go berserk on us for pointing these facts out?

We’re (bravely) moving along.¬†You know what we mean, right? Doesn’t she look like she’s training to be Alexis on Dynasty or something? Fur wraps “casually” thrown across the shoulders, super glossy red lips and a supposedly understated (but really not) metallic blouson. Does Sean Young have all three on? Check, check and check!

(Hi, Sean Young. Please don’t go crazy on us!)

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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