Leo DiCaprio Is Large, Extremely In Change In J. Edgar Poster


We love, love, love Oscar Bait Leo DiCaprio. Seeing him transform into the angry, beefy director of the FBI in the new J. Edgar poster is in the exact same vein as watching Leo slowly slip off a board into the freezing Atlantic, or invade a businessman’s dreams. Speaking of (bulging) veins, the movie’s tagline could easily be changed from “The Most Powerful Man in the World” to “The Most Intense Forehead Crease of all Time.” Sure, maybe the gigantic scary face isn’t making the film’s Armie Hammer kissing scene sound that tempting, but we all know the Academy will still like it. And, well, also us. If things don’t work out, there’s always Leo’s turn as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby next year. If he doesn’t take home a statuette for one of those, he’s going to pull a Nic Cage and just give up.


[Photo: EW/]

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