Real Steel Completely Ripped Off C.O.P.S. The Animated Series


When we first saw the trailer for Hugh Jackman’s Robo-Boxing movie Real Steel, our reactions ranged from “Good one, tv, but we know this isn’t real” (flash-forward to 12 trailers later – “oh God”) to “This is a complete ripoff of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots,” a half-joking half-plausible analysis in this age of epic toy films.

Upon further research (of remembering dumb stuff), I believe we’ve uncovered the actual genesis for Real Steel: The concept was completely stolen from an episode of the late-80s cartoon C.O.P.S. The Animated Series. Anyone remember C.O.P.S.? “Fighting Crime In A Future Time”? All of you do? Awesome.

One of the C.O.P.S. episodes was called “The Case Of The Big Bad Boxoids,” and featured the cops and criminals squaring off in an ultimate showdown inside giant futuristic boxing robots. Sound familiar?

After the jump, watch the (amazing) clip of C.O.P.S. that CLEARLY inspired Real Steel — I just doubt whoever was responsible for C.O.P.S. is gonna come forward and claim intellectual property for this:

Exactly Real Steel, right? Just throw in a clip of Hugh Jackman, like, diagonally jump-punching his family and you’re there!

The Case Of The Thieving Robo-Family-Movie: CASE CLOSED.

And don’t even get me started on how badly the James Bond films ripped off the cartoon James Bond Jr.….

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