Bai Ling Claims That Lady Gaga Jacked Her Style, Bizarro Fashion War Ensues


Lady Gaga has gotten flack for allegedly ripping off Madonna‘s  boundary-pushing performances, constantly evolving provocative wardrobe and even the sonic sounds of her records. But now Momma Monster is fending off accusations from a figure more infamous than famous: Bai Ling. The model/actress/VH1 Celeb Rehab star appeared on The Howard Stern Show over the weekend and told the King of All Media that she feels Gags has ripped off her signature bizarro style. “Yes, [she stole my look] for sure, and I hope one day she’ll dress like me and come on your show,” she vented to Howard.

Can someone have a trademark on simply dressing in an increasingly insane manner? We guess it depends on who rocks the crazy the hardest. So there’s only one way to settle this: a wacky-fashion-off. Look out, ladies and gentlemen, it could get ugly … really ugly. These ladies don’t give a damn about wearing stripes with plaid, or raw meat with lace. Join us in the gallery below to see who emerges victorious in the battle of the craziest fashions!

[Photo: Splash News Online/Getty Images]

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