The Littlest Batman Flexes Muscles, Inadvertently Impersonates Bill Cosby


Teddy is, without exception, the cutest Batman ever. Dude’s all revved up for Halloween, naturally, and is prepared to clobber anyone who gets between him and his Fun Size treats (note: why anyone would call a tiny candy bar the “fun” size must be BONKERS).

Teddy also knows that, as Batman, he is expected to have muscles the size of boulders, so flexing for the camera is an easy request. The good news for us is not just that Teddy will make you run out and make a baby, but that it looks like someone’s been watching a tad too many back-to-back episodes of The Cosby Show because, man, this guy has his Cliff Huxtable impression down to a science!

Someone get this man a Jello Pudding Pop!

[via Buzzfeed]

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