Damon Salvatore Is Here To Introduce Your New Blog Editor


Dear FABlife Devotees and People Who Came Here by Searching for Ian Somerhalder Photos,

I’ve been lurking around these parts for a few days, but I think it’s time we meet for real now. I’m the new senior editor here at TheFABlife, here to help you navigate through the treacherous waters of celebrity breakup rumors, frightening outfits and adorable babies. I was a professional cat-wrangler for MTV News before, so the adorable babies part will be all new to me. I’ll also be indulging in my own personal obsessions (a few of which you may already share): vampires (and the occasional werewolf, witch, fallen angel and zombie, provided they’re from a YA novel), teen dystopias, badass heroines, celebs who tweet too much, puppies and did I mention vampires? Seriously, I have Klout in vampires. But hopefully, along this meaningful journey we call blogging, you’ll also tell me what you want to see/read more of. And if it’s more photos of Ryan Gosling’s and Alexander Skarsgård’s abs, I will oblige. If not, I’ll make the other writers do it (just kidding, new co-workers, love ya!). Also, come back tomorrow for an actual Ian Somerhalder post. Promise.


Sabrina (@shalapitcher)

[Photo: Getty]

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