Johnny Knoxville Welcomes New Tiny Jackass Into The World


We haven’t checked the registry yet, but we’re assuming they’re still time to pick out a tiny crash helmet, motorbike and mouth guard for Johnny Knoxville’s baby daughter Arlo. “Yesterday Oct 6th Naomi, Madison, Rocko & I welcomed a brand new baby girl into our family. Her name is Arlo & mommy & baby r doing great!!,” the Jackass star tweeted on Friday. Knoxville announced back in April that he was expecting his second little daredevil with wife Naomi Nelson, in addition to daughter from his first marriage Madison Lynn Clapp, which, sadly, was not probably enough enough time to destroy all footage of her dad’s testicles getting gorged by a bull. Or slammed into a motorcycle seat while he performed a backflip. Or Super Glued to his thigh. So, welcome to the world, baby girl!