We Have Some Questions About Tareq Salahi’s Plan To Sell His Wife’s Undies


Apparently former reality star and all-around fame hog Tareq Salahi plans to sell his wife’s underwear for charity, and well, we have a couple questions about that. No, our queries don’t include things like, “Dear God, why?” or “Do you really think this is the best way to respond to your soon-to-be-ex-spouse Michaele Salahi’s affair with Journey guitarist Neal Schon?” because really, what would Tareq even say to that? Instead our inquiries include:

  1. What kind of shameless pervert would spend his or her hard-earned money on a pair of undies worn by a Real Housewife of D.C.? Jersey, we can understand, but D.C.?
  2. How much are those undies going for? We have a whole mess of student loans to pay off, and we bet we can finagle a cameo onto RHONY.
  3. According to Tareq’s ex-manager Gina Rodriguez, who quit over his unsettling plan, Salahi plans to donate 10% of his proceeds to Make A Wish Foundation and Comic Relief. Did he plan to take those organizations down with him, or is that just incidental?
  4. Doesn’t Tareq know the end of the world isn’t supposed to start until 2012? Let’s not do anything to make us wish it was sooner.
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