20 Celebrity Halloween Costumes We Can’t Believe Exist


With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve taken the liberty of using our collective celebrity-and-Halloween-costume-loving minds to scour the internet’s vast array of celeb-themed costumes — knowing full well that there are people out there who’ll buy anything — to unearth this list of 20 Celebrity Halloween Costumes We Can’t Believe Exist. From the hilariously non-topical to the “There’s a factory actually making these in 2011?” (that’s an adjective), here are 20 celeb-themed costumes we just couldn’t imagine anyone buying. Unironically, at least. As for ironically, well, we might have a 20-person celebrity group costume on our hands…

All costumes are pulled from actual, active Halloween costume websites:

20. Jay Leno

Team Coco, meet Team Excellent Costume-O.

19. Coolio

You’ll be spending all your night living in a HALLOWEEN Paradise (of people being like, “Great Coolio costume!”)

18. Carrot Top

“I’m pretending to be that comedian everyone actively dislikes, with distinctive hair.”

17. Dog The Bounty Hunter

As pop culturally relevant as it is not racist, brother. (Tip: Pairs well w/ Kramer wig for “Couple-Years-Old Racist Controversy” group costume, while avoiding the Mel Gibson obviousness.)

16. Milli Vanilli

“Remember when they lip-synched their songs?” [Girl Walks Away Probably Because She Has A Boyfriend Though]

15. Betty White

“Let me guess – you’re supposed to be the Golden Betty Adult Costume Kit, aren’t you? So accurate!”

14. Don King

People don’t make many ‘Don King hair’ jokes now that they haven’t thought about him in 12 years.

13. Donald Rumsfeld

“We’re a group costume, the Genesis ‘Land of Confusion’ video remade for 2004!” “Cool, now I’ll have sex with you.”

12. M.C. Hammer

The world harbors so much more demand for generic M.C. Hammer costumes and M.C. Hammer ironic karaoke than it does for poor M.C. Hammer.

11. Octomom: Womb Raider

Three-year-old gossip story meets ten-year-old movie! COSTUM’D!

10. Baby Michael Jackson

So…he’s secretly into adults? [8 million tomatoes thrown at stage instantly]

9. Slipknot

Mask sold separately! You have to go to two different places, but it’ll be worth it when you are the band Slipknot.

8. Boy George

Your classic Boy George green Caribbean dreads with multicolored beads for girls. Almost TOO obvious of a costume.

7. Shirley Temple

Adult wig for superfamous child star of the 1930s. Shirley you CAN be serious! (- If Harry Knowles reviewed this costume)

6. Skeleton Tuxedo Lady Gaga

“Mmmm, looking for an even more specific Gaga costume. Do you have Gargoyle Lady Gaga In Ski Jacket On December 8th 2010?”

5. Ron Jeremy

With like 4% more effort, you could definitely just get Ron Jeremy to show up at your Halloween party and/or anywhere.

4. Billy Idol

It’s topical! Remember that Christmas album he recorded in 2006??? Everyone at your Halloween party will.

3. Courtney Love

“Awesome Clueless Extra costume, Dan!”

2. Kid n’ Play

Fiiiiiiinally, our CLASS ACT group costume leaps from impossible dream to reality! Who wants to play Hilary from Fresh Prince?

1. Charlie Sheen Full Mask W/ Eyes & Eyebrows Intact

We knew there’d be 5 billion Charlie Sheen costumes, and we even knew there’d be Charlie Sheen entire-face latex wigs, but Charlie Sheen entire-face latex wigs with eye holes in between the eyes and eyebrows in order to preserve the crazy integrity of Charlie Sheen’s features?? I guess we should’ve known there’d be that too.

(Costume pics via halloweenmart.com, rickyshalloween.com, zoogstercostumes.com, spirithalloween.com, mypartyplanner.com, Ebay, and brandsonsale.com)

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